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Mainstream Western Romance With A Kick

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Ghost Ranch


For Cat O’Leary McTavish, winning an essay contest means winning a new life. With nothing but the heartache of an impending divorce behind her, Cat and her twin daughters head for the Cascade foothills to her dream home: a dilapidated guest ranch.  Only, cobwebs and creaky floorboards aren’t all that’s haunting their new place near Baker City, a ghost town with a difference.


Former Army Ranger, Rob Williams always loved his ancestral home and planned to run the family guest ranch after he served his country. Instead, he “bought the farm with his life” when he died in Vietnam. And he isn’t leaving anytime soon. Having company who can “see” and “hear” him is a welcome change, especially the woman who jumps when he’s near while pretending he doesn’t exist. But if she thinks she’s taking over the place, she’ll be sorely disappointed.


No matter how many times she glimpses the phantom figure of a man, or she hears a deep male voice even when she’s completely alone, Cat refuses to admit there is a ghost in her new home.  Besides, she has enough problems with her father and his business associates who want to buy the farm at a rock-bottom price so they can turn it, along with the nearby town, into a gravel quarry, especially when they enlist her soon-to-be ex-husband to help them.


Cat soon discovers that she has what is locally known as the O’Leary gift, she’s a medium, able to see the “unseen.” So when she sees Rob Williams trying to manage her life and her ranch, she declares war on the stubborn ghost. But when her resident Vietnam War hero fights for what he wants, a different type of passion catches Cat’s attention. 


Suddenly, Cat’s juggling more than ranch responsibilities. Her estranged soon to be-ex-husband, Frazer, declares his love for her, right before he’s in an accident that lands him in the hospital with a grim prognosis. His complete recovery is not only remarkable, it’s impossible. Until Cat notices Frazer isn’t really Frazer. Now she must decide if a second chance at love is worth the gamble when it’s with a ghost inhabiting her first husband’s body.


The stakes grow higher when she realizes she’s fallen in love with a boy who didn’t survive his “senior trip” to Vietnam, so how can she count on him to help save the ranch and the community from the people who want to destroy it?


"Sell the cow, buy the sheep, but never be without the horse."  Irish Proverb