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Mainstream Western Romance With A Kick

Author's Bio

I live on the family farm, a riding stable in the Cascade foothills. I organize most of the riding programs, teach horsemanship around my day-job as a substitute teacher, nurse sick horses, hold for the shoer, train whoever needs it – four-legged and two-legged. And write books in my spare time, usually from 8PM to 2AM, seven days a week after a long day on the ranch.


When I can’t write, due to the overwhelming needs and pressures of the “real” world, words and stories fill my mind.  Even when I muck the barn, I think about books or short stories or pieces in progress and map out the writing in my mind. 


As a substitute school teacher, I love the school breaks but I’m just as busy, since there are 23 horses to look after, along with other assorted animals. As for kids, I have to give back the ones who come to learn how to ride at the end of each day. Now, I’m teaching the kids and grandkids of the ones I taught way back when we started. I’ve had a lot of adventures over the years and I plan to write all about them. I hope you enjoy reading about them!


I am a member of the Evergreen Romance Writers of America chapter, the Greater Seattle Chapter, Women Writing the West and Young Adult RWA. I have B.A. degrees in English and History, and my Master in Teaching degree.



Josie in days gone by.