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I'm Josie Malone and I'm glad you've stopped in for a visit. I'm thrilled to announce that Melange Publishing will release Book One, My Sweet Haunt in the Baker City Hearts and Haunts series next February (2019). 

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Here's the blurb for My Sweet Haunt.

Cobwebs, eerie sounds and creaky floorboards greet Cat O’Leary McTavish and her twin daughters when they move to a dilapidated dude ranch. Although she talks to the dead, Cat doesn’t appreciate unseen company in her house. Army Ranger, Rob Williams “bought the family farm with his life” when he died in Vietnam. Together, they must deal with those who’d turn the ranch into a gravel pit, or her dreams and his memories will be dust.

I live on a ranch in the Cascade foothills. The past few months have been busy with family demands - I look after my senior mom and my uncle, her disabled brother. When I'm not writing a book, I'm teaching lessons or horsy day camp, riding or training one of my horses, bringing in deliveries, building fences, mucking stalls - managing the ranch takes up a lot of time. If I get frustrated and who doesn't, I drive my bulldozer.

I call her Frou-Frou, and she is my cure for Writer's Block. She has a six-way blade and we can clear some serious land on days when the books aren't going well and my hero is talking back. Some cowboys are like that and they need my spunky, sassy cowgirls to teach them where the bear got in the buckwheat as the saying goes.


So, take the tour and enjoy the adventure because life is a journey, not a destination.


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Cover Art by Rae Monet
Cover Art by Rae Monet
Cover Art by Rae Monet
Cover Art by Rae Monet